Saturday, September 10, 2011


assalamualaikum w.b.r

How are you? hope you all in flying colors. no matter happen, smile and du'a will give you another strength to go on. please try this! it's really true! also remember to take a deep sleep to rest from the distraction around you. just like my little brother here. oh, I miss him so much! ooppSS, sorry! =D

I want to share some info about sleep from productive muslim. just read from them and I think I need to re-organize my sleep to get that productive sleep. do you ever wondered that sleep also have a great connection to Lord? well, you might want to know the truth behind it.

check it out here!

Next, you will find some more interesting part from your sleep. Indeed the sleep is not just for a rest, but for those who live for the akhirat, they will find the sleep is more than that.

so, have a sweet dream tonight! (*_+)


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